Environmental Policy

As part of it’s commitment to sustainable development, Caple Security Services Ltd (CSS) recognises the need to protect the environment in which we live and work and use natural resources prudently to safeguard them for future generations. CSS is therefore committed to demonstrable and continuous improvement of its environmental performance and full compliance with relevant legal and other requirements.

To meet this commitment Caple Security Services Ltd will:

  • Maintain certification of its environmental management system to the SIA Approved Contractors scheme. The recognised Security standard, and extend this to cover all activities and services across all directorates.
  • Lead by example and use its influence to actively encourage responsible environmental practice and raise awareness and understanding of environmental issues among its staff, suppliers, contractors and the public.
  • Set formal objectives across all directorates and provide the necessary resources, training and performance review to ensure continuos improvement of overall environment performance across CSS.
  • Make efficient use of natural resources including, water, heat and electricity and promote the use and development of appropriate sources of renewable and recycled products.
  • Promote sustainable and integrated transport solutions that meet the need of the environment.
  • Implement a waste strategy to reduce the amount of waste entering the waste stream and increase recycling, while ensuring that all waste generated is dealt with in a way that reduces its impact on the environment.
  • Respond to the challenges posed by climate change by significantly reducing carbon emissions from its own activities and acting, where possible, to address and mitigate wider potential impacts. 
  • Protect natural habitats and species to maintain and improve the wealth of biodiversity in the environment.  
  • Promote the benefit of a healthy and attractive environment to community well being.
  • Make this policy available to all staff, suppliers, contractors, for example by training, notice boards and staff handbook.

D. A. Davies
Managing Director