Bodyguard and Close Protection Officers

Q. How much does a bodyguard cost in the uk?

A. The question ‘how much does it cost to hire a bodyguard’ is one that is commonly asked. The rate do vary quite a bit depending on whether the close protection service is required just during the day or 24/7. In the UK the cost will vary between £25 per hour to £50 per hour, plus the cost of vehicles if required.

The cost of personal vip security will also depend on whether the close protection officer needs to provide transport and whether a support team is required. Officers with high specialised skills, like defensive driving, are also likely to cost more.

Q. What does a close protection officer do?

A. Close protection security services often referred to as Bodyguard services, offer both personal security and physical protection. It is also provided where commercial security is needed, perhaps to protect again the theft of important documents or information.

They are a lot different from standard security guards, who are normally in uniform, having a lot more training and providing extra services like evasive driving, enhanced surveillance skills as well as unarmed combat / close quarters protective skills.

One of their most important work is however that of planning routes to venues as well as searching rooms where the client is staying, prevention of problems being most important.

In essence, personal protection means ensuring the safety of the client wherever they are, attentively escorting them during their daily activities.

Q. What is close protection driving?

A. Close protection driving or defensive driving is all about avoiding certain circumstances. Examples include keeping moving, even slowly, at all times, making sure that you have enough space to turn around and never driving in the middle lane (where you can get boxed in). These driving techniques not only provide security, they also offer a better ride, all the driving ‘actions’ being smooth and controlled.

In cases where security has to be extra tight, a separate ‘Personal Escort Section’ or PES will also be provided, this car acting as a support vehicle, which using dominant lane positioning stops other cars getting too close. One example of this where the PES takes the outside lane in a roundabout to stop cars coming in from the side.

In all cases the close protection driver and his team mates are hypervigilant, the unit in the PES vehicle tailing the principle and maintaining a ‘bubble of secure space’ around it.

Q. What is SIA close protection

A. In order to obtain an SIA licence and to be able to work as a licenced Close Protection Officer requires a lot of training. This training covers a broad range of areas, from threat assessment, operational planning and reconnaissance, through to advanced driving techniques, anti ambush training, search procedures and close protection teamwork. First aid skills are also required as well as close combat skills.

Holding an SIA licence is a requirement for anyone wanting to act as a close protection officer in the UK, something to bear in mind when looking to employ a close protection or personal protection officer. At Caple, ALL our personal protection operatives hold an SIA licence and are fully trained in all aspects personal security.