Mobile Security Patrols and Key Holding Services

Q. How much does security patrol services cost?

A. With the ability to monitor several businesses at the same time, mobile patrols offer a very cost effective service. When it comes to security, visibility is paramount, thus it is necessary that mobile services use fully uniformed mobile security guards in marked patrol vehicles.

Acting as an effective visual deterrent, such mobile patrols significantly reduce the opportunity for crime such as trespassing, vandalism and theft. All Caple Security staff are trained to respond to a wide range of security situations, so if any suspicious or criminal activity does occur we can guarantee a rapid and effective response.

The cost varies depending on the geographical area your business is located in.

Q. What does a mobile security officer do?

A. Mobile security guard patrols secure business premises and protect staff by ensuring that any persons considering any illegal activity are made very aware that security staff are patrolling the area. Such security patrols, by visiting each area they are protecting at irregular times, provide a great deal of security at a much lower cost than fixed guards. Also, as they are mobile, they can quickly respond to any alarms or suspicious activity.

Q. What is physical security and why is it important?

A. The purpose of any physical security service is to protect the assets and facilities of a business. Besides protecting the actual premises or assets, physical security is also required to safeguard staff and employees.

Q. What is mobile patrol security?

A. Fixed security guards are a common sight, checking ID’s on entry and offering a highly visual deterrent. Their disadvantage is that only offer protection in a very limited area. Mobile security patrols on the other hand provide an effective visual deterrent and a rapid response over a much wider area. Using liveried vehicles, mobile security guards can cover a large area or site whilst paying extra attention to dangerous or high-risk areas.

Q. What is a key holding service?

A. The purpose of Key Holding as a service is twofold. One is that it offers a safe place to store a spare key for the business’ commercial premises if ever a primary key was lost or stolen. The other part of the service is to provide personnel to react to any alarms triggered on the premises, so that in the event of an out of hours incident, the owner or a member of staff does not have to go an check the premises or let the police or fire service in.

Q. What is a key holding Licence?

A. No special training or qualifications are needed to become a Key Holder. However, for extra security, it is recommended that businesses only employ a security company like Caple Security, where all security operatives are Licenced by the SIA – Caple are an SIA (ACS) accredited company – and are approved for key holding services. To achieve this Caple has to undergo an assessment criteria every 12 months.

Q. What SIA Licence is needed?

A. There are two variants of the SIA licence : The Front line licence is needed if the person is providing licensable security activity. A Non-Frontline Licence is only issued to a Director of a company that has nothing to do with the day to day running of the Business.

Q. What are key holder responsibilities?

A. Staff members who are key holders are responsible for opening and closing a premises. Their duties also include handling other operational procedures, such as providing customer service and supervising cleaning staff. They are also in charge of setting alarms and keeping the entry area clean and organized.

When an external company like Caple is employed to provide a key holding service, they are only responsible for the provision of holding a spare key and to react to any alarms, whilst also giving access to the police or fire services as needed outside of the normal operating hours of a business.